Guten morgen friends!

I’m yet again writing from a train, this time from Salzburg to Venice, a 7 hour trip. We spent a brief but wonderful day in Salzburg yesterday, you may have seen photo evidence on Facebook or Instagram if you’re a social media aficionado. I do apologize for the lack of photos on the blog, I have difficulties transferring from phone or camera to this tablet I use for writing posts. Salzburg is a beautiful, old city set against a backdrop of green fields and snowy mountains. All of the buildings here appear historic but well maintained. Our apartment was gorgeous, I’d totally live there, with two full bedrooms, a real kitchen, and a balcony! It was only a 10 minute walk from both the train station and the old part of the city, appropriately known as Old Town. We arrived early afternoon, dropped our backpacks, and headed downtown. Frank’s travel book led us on a walk through the historic area and to an amazing little cafe. I won’t lie and say we are now any wiser as to the history of Salzburg or Austria in general, but we did learn that Salzburg was Mozart’s birthplace and home for his first 25 years. There are Mozart themed everything there, from chocolates to puppets to rubber ducks. Unfortunately our short time here didn’t allow for much museum touring, but you can tour Mozart’s birthplace if you so desire. Our lunchtime cafe stop was at Zirkelwirt, a lovely little spot with outdoor seating just off Mozartplaz (Mozart square). We had the most delicious salads, dumplings of many varieties, goulash, and Radler of course. I ordered a plate of Austrian Mystery Dumplings and still have no idea what sort of meats I ate, but they were tasty! The salads were to die for after our vegetable deprived time in Germany (too many brats & kraut). Our city walk then took us up to the fortress, Hohensalzburg. Frank accidentally took us on another steep uphill climb, forgoing the funicular ride up. Its OK though, we are all feeling a little thicker these days and shouldn’t turn down exercise! Apparently this structure is the oldest fortified castle in Europe? Either way it had amazing views of the city and surrounding mountains. We ended our day strolling through the many narrow, winding city streets filled with fancy shops (I think there is $$$ here, based on the shops and well dressed businessmen/women) and finally sitting along the riverbank drinking more Radler like true Austrians. Lovely end to a lovely day. 


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