Hello friends, family, and anyone else randomly reading this…

As I informed you last time, I’ve left the continent of Africa for Europe to continue my grand adventure. After arriving in Munich following a full 24 hour travel time, running through the Abu Dhabi airport, and a long wait in the passport control line, I have never been more glad to sit down for a beer with friends. When I say beer, I mean a full 1 litre stein of Russ’n (Weiss beer + lemonade) at THE München Hofbrauhaus with my lovely companions, Frank, Goose, and Louie (https://frankgooselouie.wordpress.com) as they are known here in the EU. In fact, much of our brief stay in Munich was spent taking in the beer culture, and the beer itself of course. Our endeavors took us to the Chinese beer garden within the expansive English Gardens and to Augustiner beer garden. Here beers are often paired with bretzels, or giant pretzels. No cheese sauce needed. As a lover of Weiss beer and anything made from bread, I’m in heaven. The English Gardens were fascinating. Imagine the largest park you’ve ever seen filled with likely thousands of people drinking, playing Frisbee, running, walking their dogs. It looked like a concert was about to take place even on a random Wednesday evening. I could have spent hours there. Any beer garden here is massive compared to any I’ve ever seen at home. Tables crowd next to each other, strangers sit together, and everyone cheers for the soccer match on the big screen TV. Drinking good beer outside is the best. We were graced with lovely weather for it too. But, enough about beer.

We took a day trip out of the city to Neuschwanstein castle. Built in the 1880’s for the “Mad King Ludwig,” it was actually never completed before his untimely death under suspicious circumstances. It is relatively modern with running water, but built with such opulence as to model from the castles of old. King Ludwig had eclectic tastes and had features like a cave from an opera set built into the castle. It was quite the uphill hike to the castle, but worth it for the views of the surrounding mountains. I pledge to getting in shape once i return home. This being winded walking uphill is a bunch of ****. A viewing bridge allows a fantastic view of the entire castle and surrounding land. Apparently this castle is the inspiration for the famous Cinderella Disney castle. Today we are taking the train to Salzburg for another brief city tour. We got a late start after my companions took a much needed trip to the post office to send home souvenirs.

On a side note, Germans are very good at speaking English. I feel quite undereducated that I only speak one language. On a side side note, the public transit here is amazing and biking is huge. I love those features in a city! Its a nice change from having to drive everywhere in Cape Town.

Ciao darlings,



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