Weekend adventures #4: I love elephants & goodbye Cape Town

Hello again friends!

This post is coming to you from a train in Munich, but will be about my last week in Cape Town. The last week was a blur. We had a short work week due to the Easter Holiday and taking Friday off for a trip down the Garden Route. Ending my medical school career abroad was a surreal experience and I’m not quite sure that it has set in yet… Overall I enjoyed my time at Victoria Hospital. I know that I learned a ton and gained experiences I wouldn’t have in the states. I also got to know some amazing medical students and physicians. It was sad to say goodbye! Talking about the weekend will be more fun though so let’s do that. We left early Friday morning for the Garden Route, a route along South Africa’s east coast that takes you through lush countryside and offers many exciting attractions. Our first stop was the Congo Caves where we went on the “adventure tour.” This involved crouching, climbing, and army crawling through tunnels and was spectacular fun! The rock formations were crazy large and beautiful. After the caves we stopped at an ostrich farm where some of us were able to ride an ostrich (for about 30 seconds)! Apparently they are quite fast runners and have a very lengthy lifespan. Their eggs are huge! Talk about a big omelette. We stayed in a nice hotel on the beach, had a yummy dinner and cocktails. Have I mentioned bow cheap wine and cocktails are there? Dangerous. Saturday was a full day including a zip line canopy tour, visiting an elephant rescue park, stopping by the worlds highest bunch jump, and a sunset cruise (unfortunately foggy). I love elephants. Really and truly if I could have one I would. We were able to feed them, pet them, and get a ton of photos. It was amazing. The bungy bridge was crazy high. 710 ft I believe. I seriously considered it but no one was willing to join so my outage faded. Sunday took us to a private game reserve for a drive through the wilderness looking for animals. We saw lions, zebra, springboks, rhinos, elephants, and some far away giraffes! My fellow CFHI students surprised me at lunch with a congratulations cake for finishing med school! It was so sweet. Then it was time for the 5 hour drive home and for me to pack up. I discovered that my backpack holds much less than I thought so I may be touring Europe in the buff. Don’t expect photo evidence.


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