Weekend Adventures Part 2: I like the beach and ostriches are weird.

Dear friends,

The beaches here are spectacular. Crystal water, white sand, palm trees, cool breeze, all make for an amazing beach. However, the water is fah-reeze-ing. Like, I only go in up to my knees. This weekend I was quite lucky and got to go to the beach twice! On Saturday we traveled up the west coast to West Coast National Park. The landscape was beautiful with a lagoon, beaches, sand dunes, and some fine bush type vegetation covering the hills. We saw many different types of birds including flamingos and ostriches! Ostriches look weird. They’re SO BIG and their necks move like elephant trunks. The flamingos were not pink like I wanted them to be. Alas. The beach just outside the park was beautiful and full of adventurous athletic people going kite surfing, which was fun to watch. I’d like to learn sometime! That might be a disaster, though… On Sunday the new CFHI students and I went to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which were fabulous. They had a whole garden full of medicinal plants, there was a canopy walk through the tree tops, and a beautiful view of Table Mountain. Following that, you guessed it, more beach time! This time to Camp’s Bay, a popular destination for tourists and such here. There is a lovely beach across the street from a strip of shops and restaurants. I had the most amazing pasta with roasted veggies, sundried tomatoes, feta… mmm. To end the evening, we walked around the Victoria and Albert Waterfront (the V&A), a wharf with a big shopping mall and many outdoor restaurants and shops. We discovered a fantastic food market that is on our list to do again. Food markets are my jam, pun intended. This upcoming weekend is allegedly a long one due to Easter, so hopefully I’ll have more exciting adventures to share!




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